IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation
Karlsruhe, Germany, May 10, 2013

Art and Robotics:
Freud's Unheimlich and the Uncanny Valley

Full day workshop



Please, bring your own computer & any necessary dongles.

15' for presentations

5' for questions and answers

Room: SR1.27, see map

09:00 09:15 Welcome by the organisers Ken Goldberg, Heather Knight, and Pericle Salvini

09:15 09:35 Louis-Philippe Demers The Uncertain Valley

09:35 09:55 Guy Hoffman Avoiding the Uncanny: Designing Robots for Theater and Musical Performance

10:00 10:30 Coffee break

10:30 10:50 Heather Knight Robots as Human Foils: Exploring human-machine characters on stage and screen (remote session)

10:50 11:10 Reid Simmons Gamebot: Collaboration with the Drama Department

11:10 11:40 Stelarc Agency, Affect & the Uncanny: Automating Bodies, Animating Machines

11:40 12:10 Discussion

12:10 12:30 Kyle Gilpin (Daniela Rus) The Umbrella Project: Distributed Control of Humans and Robots

12:30 12:50 Raffaello D'Andrea Familiarity and Motion

12:50 14:00 Working lunch with Video Session

14:00 14:20 Nikolaus Correll The Swarm-Wall: Toward Life's Uncanny Valley

14:20 14:40 Pericle Salvini Uncanny Presences: A Third Dimension in the Uncanny Valley

14:40 15:00 Chang Geun Oh Digital Kinetic Art: A Bridge Across the Uncanny Valley of Robotic Art

15:00 15:20 Patrick Tresset Art as a socialising skill for domestic robots

15:30 16:00 Coffee break

16:00 16:20 Masaki Fujihata Voices of Aliveness

16:20 16:40 Ian Ingram The Uncanny Glen: Experiential Gradualism in the Response of Non-Human Animals to Robotic Simulacra

16:40 17:00 Todd Murphey Robotic Puppets and Resisting Control

17:00 17:20 Minoru Asada 'Affetto': Design of robots who can physically interact

17:20 17:40 Ken Goldberg The Unheimlich Maneuver: Art, Robots, and Repression

17:40 18:20 Round Table Discussion